yyycasino.com affiliate program

What is an Affiliate Program?
Becoming an affiliate of YYYcasino makes you a partner with us, and that means we compensate you for any player you send to us via your marketing efforts. The more traffic you send the more money you earn. Using either online or offline marketing.

Why join?
As a YYYcasino affiliate managed by the yyycasino.com affiliate program, you can influence your business prospects, as you become part of one of the world's leading online affiliate programs, earning commission for the lifetime of every player that you acquire.

What will it cost to me to join?
It will cost nothing except the time and energy that you put into supporting this venture, there's no capital outlay and no fees. You simply sign up, obtain your unique Affiliate ID, select a payment plan, and start sending players through to our online products.

How does an Affiliate Program work?
The best way to summarise this is to say that traffic or visitors to your site are coming to your website anyway. So why not harness that traffic; in other words pass it on to us, this will generate extra additional income for you.

It works like this, when someone visits your site they click on the link you have provided, that visitor will then go to the merchant site. In this case YYYcasino, once there, if the visitor performs a transaction on the merchant site, you earn a percentage in the form of commission. If the visitor doesn't spend any money on the merchant site you haven't lost anything. It's a win-win situation; a sort of scratch your back exercise, if you pardon the pun.

What is the yyycasino.com Affiliate Program?
The yyycasino.com exclusive Affiliates Program offers Webmasters the chance to earn extra profits through online product banner advertising. Once you are accepted into the program, you can advertise banners and a variety of other marketing tools on your website for promotional purposes, generating real-money players for yyycasino.com', who are sponsoring the online products.

How do I register to become an Affiliate of yyycasino.com?
Simply click on "sign-up" button below. Fill in your personal details and submit your website's URL. Your application will be registered in our system and after we have performed the necessary diligence checks, you will receive an email to complete the registration yyycasino.com reserves the right to reject any website and affiliate found unsuitable.

Must I have a website in order to become an Affiliate?
The short answer is no, but YYYcasino is an online Slots product so a website is a distinct advantage, especially when you are looking to market to a wider audience.

Typically, most of our partners and affiliates promote our products through their own websites and online networks. However, if you have other ideas that can make YYYcasino successful we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can Contact us at: [email protected]

That's really it, its now just a question of you signing on and getting yourself set up for a new and fantastic opportunity to profit from the success of an affiliate program that recognizes and rewards the effort that you put in to making you and YYYcasino profit from partnership.